Tuesday, October 22, 2019
Sylvia Pinheiro

I am interested in the developmental and evolutionary foundations of cooperation, with particular focus on the interaction between language and cooperation.  I'm also an open science and science communication enthusiast.


Teaching Assistant:

Science Communication, UFRN
General Biophysics, UFRN

Developmental Psychology, Queen's University

Publications and Presentations

Pinheiro, S. G. V., Mota, N. B., Copelli, M., Ribeiro, S. (2018). Bronze age texts are structurally similar to verbal reports from both children and psychotic subjects. Poster presented at 2nd Brazilian Meeting on Human Behavior Evolution (Human Behavior Evolution Society).

Mota, N. B., Pinheiro, S. G. V., Sigman, M., Cecchi, G. Slezak, D., Copelli, M., Ribeiro, S. (2016). The ontogeny of discourse structure mimics the development of literature. ArXiv.

Pinheiro, S. G. V. The evolution of language (2016). Workshop on VIII Symposium of Psychobiology.

Pinheiro, S. G. V., Santana, T., Costa, M. (2013). Transcriptional factor CREB on cell cycle and neuronal survival during development of Central Nervous System. Poster presented at XXXVII Annual Meeting of Brazilian Society of Neuroscience and Behavior.


Email: 17sgdv@queensu.ca

Department of Psychology
Queen's University
62 Arch Street
Kingston, ON K7L 3N6

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