Tuesday, November 19, 2019
My research program explores cognition from a developmental and evolutionary perspective. I examine the origins of our cognitive capacities in a comparative manner, studying infants, young children, non-human primates, and dogs. 

At Queen’s University:

  • Psychology 205: Introduction to Comparative Cognition
  • Psychology 251: Developmental Psychology
  • Psychology 355: Laboratory in Comparative Cognition
  • Psychology 450: Infant Social Cognition
  • Psychology 853: Infancy
  • Psychology 842: Current Theories of Development: Evolutionary Psychology
  Olmstead, M.C., & Kuhlmeier, V.A. (2015). Comparative Cognition. Cambridge, UK: Cambridge University Press.  


Rutherford, M.D., & Kuhlmeier, V.A. (2013). Social Perception. Cambridge, MA: MIT/Bradford Press.

As we enter a room full of people, we instantly have a number of social perceptions. We have an automatic perception of others as subjective agents with their own points of view, thoughts, and goals, and we can quickly interpret minimal visual information to...Read More

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Curriculum Vitae

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Contact Information

Department of Psychology
Queen's University
62 Arch Street
Kingston, ON, Canada K7L 3N6

(613) 533-2478

Email: vk4@queensu.ca

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