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I am interested in social-cognitive and emotional development in infancy and early childhood. Specifically, I examine how the family environment interacts with the child's temperament to shape children's' developing interactional style.


At Queen's University:

Teaching Assistant:

PSYC 100: Principles of Psychology
PSYC 202: Statistics in Psychology
PSYC 203: Research Methods
PSYC 251: Developmental Psychology
PSYC 355: Comparative Cognition

Publications and Presentations

O'Neill, A.C., Kuhlmeier, V.A., & Craig, W. (2018).  Examining the association between parenting and psychosomatic problems: Self-esteem as a mediator across ages in early adolescence.  International Journal of Adolescence and Youth 
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O'Neill, A.C., Swigger, K., & Kuhlmeier, V.A. (2018). Make The Connection’ parenting skills program: a controlled trial of associated improvement in maternal attitudes.  Journal of Reproductive and Infant Psychology 
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Swigger, K., O'Neill, A.C. & Kuhlmeier, V. A. (2017). Outcome evaluation of the Make the Connection (MTC) 0-12 months parenting program. 
Toronto Public Health: Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

Cioppa, V., O'Neill, A.C., Craig, W. (2015).  Learning from traditional bullying interventions: A review of research on cyberbullying and best practice.  Aggression and Violent Behavior.  

Kuhlmeier, V.A., Dunfield, K.A., O'Neill, A.  (2014).  Selectivity in early prosocial behavior.  Frontiers in Psychology: Developmental Psychology.
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Kuhlmeier, V.A., O’Neill, A.C. & Dunfield, K. A. (2013, April). Selectivity in early helping behavior. Paper presented at the biannual meeting of the Society for Research in Child Development, Seattle, Washington, USA.

Contact Information

Email: 9ao19@queensu.ca

Department of Psychology
Queen's University
62 Arch Street
Kingston, ON K7L 3N6

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